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Originally Posted by shadetreemechan View Post
If the car did not come with rear headrests, the hardware is not in the seat to accept them. You can feel the holes in the foam of the seatback, but once you cut your upholstery you will find that the headrests just flop around in the seatback.
I know this from experience. I ended up pulling factory headrest seats from a junkyard after riding around with holes cut in the top of my middle seat for about a year.
Not sure you got my meaning (or maybe you did?): I am talking about the place to stow the head rests in the seat BOTTOM when they are not in use (removed from the seat back so as to fold the seat flat.)

If this is what you are talking about, then why is it so bad if they're a bit floppy?

If this is not what you meant, then I still am not sure what to do...

Chad's post was great but didn't address this issue.

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