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Originally Posted by lsmalley View Post
Yes! where its the ball joint located?
Turn the wheels hard left to get to the ball joint on the driverís side. It is a sort of conical structure that the wheel pivots on. The rubber boot should be plainly visible.

The trick, after puncturing it, is to keep the hole open while you slowly spray the lubricant in. If you simply insert the straw and spray, the aerosol propellant will immediately fill what little space is in the boot and forcefully blow most of the lubricant back out at you.

So I suggest using a pick tool to hold the punctured hole open; position the straw just outside of the hole; and then gently depress the plunger so a fine mist of lubricant sprays in. A flashlight is probably necessary so you will either need a third hand, or hold a small flashlight in your mouth cigar-style.
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