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It is possible to put in an electric mirror on the passanger side, driver side isnt electric on most mercedes until the 90's. I put an electric mirror in the 240D and it was fairly straight forward(dont know if one is avalible for a w115, but for w123 definitly). You will need a switch that goes in the center consol and the wiring harness for it, I cut mine out of a wrecked car, but im pretty sure you will able to get it from the dealer if you cant find a wrecked car. Then you install the new mirror, run the wiring harness to the center console, get 12 volts to it, and a ground (easy,chassis). So thats it, not too hard, you would have to take out the console around the gearshift, the passanger side panel under the glovebox, and the passanger side door panel in order to run the harness( 3 wires going to the mirror I think). So maybe an hour total if you take your time Hope this helps

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