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there appears to be several of these ball joints, or am I mistaken? there is one located at the very base of the front strut behind the wheel, this is the larger of the other ones, there is one on the lateral control arm, and then 2 more towards the medial control arm. they all have rubber boots that are cracked. I wasn't sure which was giving me the problem so I sprayed them all with lithium grease. I then sprayed the front strut and the strut on the control arm. I also followed the bar up to where the steering wheel connects to what appears to be a bar connecting the steering wheel to the control arm and I sprayed that as well. Drove the car yesterday and all seems well. I obviously need to do my suspension, what are the parts with the rubber I need to replace? and is this an easy fix? any special tools?

1990 190E 2.6L
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