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Neil Richardson
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Hi Piotr.

Yes, do meam kangeroo petrol, as a lot of the members reside in the US I thought I'd use the word fuel instead of petrol.

I spoke to the mechanic last night and he thinks that he did change the fuel filter. The guys that did my last big service told me they changed it too, but that was some 9 months ago. The problem has been in existence for several months now. only happens on journeys of 100 miles. I've just spent close to $1,000 getting it fixed, granted another $50 for a fuel filter isn't going to kill me, but I want to make sure it is the fuel filter before I change in unneccessarily (I think I got the spelling right). Is there anyway of checking if the filter was changed recently, or is it a case of having to take it down and loook for yourself.

I've got a Haynes manual and it tells me how to replace the $&^%$" thing. If I take the filter out to look at it, do I need to jack to rear of the car up or is that only to create more room to work?

I've also stuck fuel cleaners, carburettor cleaners in the tank, but none of them seem to make any difference.
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