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Originally Posted by BrierS
I realize this is a DIY project . . . however, w/o the proper tool is this really a job better left to a shop? I have read a number of the threads and the press issue (battle) leaves me thinking unless I want to buy the CORRECT press, I might be better off leaving this to a good shop. What are the current opinions, please.
I did this myself 2 weekends ago. Take your time and it's not a bad job at all. The rusted-on bolts were the worst part of the job, not the ball joint. I left the A-arm on the car, blocked it up with wood, and put a chain through the spring for safety just in case.

Check out the instructions at if you haven't done so already. They're well written and easy to follow.

To get the old joint out, I sliced it straight across using an angle grinder with a thin cutoff blade. I cut it very close to the A-arm (takes under 2 minutes to cut it off clean), and then used a 2-arm gear puller to press it out (there are little tabs on the A-arm that the gear puller can grab). Cutting it off gave a solid flat surface to press against.

I also heard all of the press-not-fitting-right stories, so to put the new joint in, I made my own press out of a big C-clamp and some pieces of 4x4 drilled out to fit the profile of the ball joint. I reinforced each side of the 4x4 with aluminum plate to provide a more solid surface to press against, and marked the top and bottom of the pieces with center marks so that I could align the clamp to apply pressure evenly. It worked great; see the attached photos - they may explain it better.
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