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AC System

I have an 86 300E. I high pressure washed the engine. I must have gotten water somewhere it was not supposed to be. It was running real rough, and would not drive for a while. I took off the cover for the dist. and ran the engine for a while, and fully opened the hood to the sun. It had died many times and ran rough for about 20 minutes. Then the rough running stopped and runs fine. Now the AC does not work! Is there a relation with one of the relays? Can you reset the relay if it is closed? Or do I need to buy a new one? I first thought it needed more 134 freon...we converted the system, but the system would not engage the compressor, so we did not get any freon in! It seems when you place the temp control on max. and punch in the AC button, the compressor does not engage. I did check the low pressure valve, it has a charged system with freon. What needs to be done?

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