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2002 C230 Kompressor Problems

We have owned a 2002 C30K automatic since August of 2001, which has most of the bells and whistles. Since then, the car has had..and still has..the following problems; 1) rear chassis squeaks intermittently 2) seatbelts don't fully retract once removed 3) panoramic sunroof has intermittent operating problems 4) passenger side mirror does not always angle down in reverse (yes,even with the correct button depressed) 5) tunnel mode only closes windows..not the roof. 6) windows don't always go up or down on first touch; two or 3 touches often required. 7) ashtray opens only if one pushes on exactly the right magic spot 8) drivers side window has started to squeak when going down 9) gas gauge does not always move upon fill up unless one waits about a half hour, or shuts car off and starts it again (only filled with hi-test, until it clicks). 10) power seats lose memory on occasion.
In addition, the car needed a head gasket..yes, a HEAD GASKET...after only 10K miles. And...after replacing it, they neglected to properly reconnect the supercharger..which caused it to disengage as I accelerated..or tried to accelrate...onto a busy highway. Recently, the car started pulling slightly to the right, and showed slight evidence of outer edge wear on the right front tire. Dealer thinks it needs an alignment...but after owning Toyotas and Hondas for almost 20 years...and never needing an alignment for at least the first 3 or 4 years if not more, I am almost surprised as I was to hear that it needs an alignment as I was I was when told about the head gasket. The Hondas and Toyotas were driven on the worst roads in NYC. This car has only been driven on smooth, excellent roads in a rural area.The car is now in the shop; 14 days first on the 8th day, the second time around. No ETA as of yet. I then decided to surf the web to do some research. It seems that I am not alone with my problems. Many other owners are having all of the same..and some I've yet to have...thank goodness. Wiring harnesees needed to be replaced...after a wait..due to backorder. There have been problems with the ESP/ABS sensor....ignition modules, and some have reported the car dropping dead going 60 mph...only to start up again as if nothing was wrong. A few have had theirs replaced under the lemon law condition...excpet the 2003 has only a 189 horsepower 1.8 liter engine as opposed to the 2002 2.3 liter 192, they did not get exactly what they had originally bought.
I have been spoiled by the reliability of Toyota & Honda. My opinion is that if Mercedes is unable to manage the same level of quality as those manufacturers previously considered to be inferior to Mercedes, they should get out of the mass market game until they can. Otherwise, their rep as the "gold standard" in quality will go right down the tubes.
Otherwise, I really LOVE this car...the styling, the handling, the speed. Does anyone know if there is any hope that this car will one day be reliable...and I will be driving it as opposed to the 3 year old sedan loaner that I'm currently in? Also, are there any TSB's regarding any of this? Any iinfo appreciated.
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