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Evaporator Core

My A/C stopped working and all indicators pointed to the evaporator core. The dealer offered no additional info other than a $3400 tab for replacement/repair. I did a little research of my own and found a product called keep-it-kool. It is a specially formulated sealer that does NOT clog. I am not an agent or associated with this company/owners in anyway, other than having used this product. They also make products that seal aluminum at high-pressure!!! I bought this product and the odor control for less than $100 and had it installed for $250.00 (including a recharge). I am going on 6 weeks now with no ill effects and the system cools like new. In my opinion this product is a very good solution for fixing a bad evaporator. This may not work for everyone but it did work for me. I always thought the dealers were the best place to bring your car for service, but I now believe the best place is where the customer comes first, not their money. I do not know about ASE and all of the other acronyms but I do know what works!

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