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I"m new @ self repairs on the benz myself. They do make it difficult,but heres what I know. You have to remove the wood !st. To do this you need a small phillips head screw driver . Unscrew the one screw holding the ashtray wood, just enough to slide it up and out. Now you have access to two torque screws at the bottom connecting the two wood peices. You will need a #10 or #15 torks head socket to remove.There is also two screws after you remove the radio. They are @ the top .Use a regular small phillips head. Now ....from what I know you need a radio removal key. This has multifunctions. One being to remove the radio, they also said it is to be used to remove the a/c controls. I haven,t had to do that yet so I am not speaking from experience,but I got my radio removal tool from EBAY. The auction starts @ 9$ and they have a buy it now price of 19$. I hope these are some helpful hints for you...Good luck. Noone ever answers my questions
now go in peace.....
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