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Mr. GillyBenzTech:
Thanks a lot for your opinion.. Does the Bosch part#116 470 516 fit into being a fuel-accumulator? This part is the first in line from the tank, before the pump and it`s approx. measures are 80mm in diameter and 40mm in length. The single fuel hose from the tank goes into to it on one side, - on the other side the fuel hose splits into two (one to the pump and one to this part I can`t find the number on – but certainly looks like a fuel pressure regulator). I have been looking at photos and parts# (on your Online Catalog) of accumulator for 117 963-engines, - it does not at all look like the one you say is my accumulator.

What is the routing and parts involved in my fuel-system (from tank, delivery, injection and return to tank)? Can I find schematic graphics on this site or somewhere else on the net?

Yes, it is hot out here – mostly around 30-35 Celcius in the daytime, but the car has an excellent A/C and doesn`t seem to bother about the heat. It has actually two cooling fans, second one thermostat-driven in front of the radiator hooked up to the A/C-system. When the car was overheating, it was something that caused this fan to break down (I was not here at the time, but I was told afterwards). When the mechanic replaced the engine, he had all components in the cooling-system cleaned and checked out. Now no problems with that.

The ”new” engine has only the A/C compressor and the starter from the old one. But since ”This Is Thailand” – (long stories to explain…), I do not know what kind of parts they have ”put” on the new engine, but it looks to fit. One example in the fuel-line has a part#0438140 – located in front of the engine and attached to the vacuum- and electrical system.

I presume that my fuel-pump is still good, but if I should order new accumulator, filter and pressure-regulator, - what kind of ”matching numbers” do you think I should look for? Is there parts I can clean or repair? Again, thanks a lot.

Mr. Thai GI:
I agree a lot with your views. Like I say earlier in this post: This Is Thailand .... I wonder if people in this forum could imagine how many (and exclusive) MBs you`ll find over here - and so many incompetent people to service them. To find the real mechanics I would think only Bangkok would be a place to go. I have been at the MB-dealer in Khon Kaen (a city with about 2-3 mill. people) - but they could simply not do anything except charge me for that.

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