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'86 300E Dead Alt.? Need Help ASAP, Please!

I took the family on a road rally tonight (where we placed 2nd in the beginner class, thank you very much) and on the way home the car died. About an hour and a half before, I noticed that the charge lite was on, but it went out within a minute of so of my taking notice of it. I'm not sure when it came on, but I don't think it could've been more than about a minute or two before. Everything seemed fine after that. We stopped for food, and afterwards the starter seemed just a tad slow, but it fired and off we went. About 10 minutes later on the freeway, I noticed that my ABS light had come on, followed a minute or so later by the failed lamp indicator. I decided to pull off and see what was going on, and as I was pulling off the ramp, I noticed the lights getting dimmer and dimmer. Near the bottom of the ramp, the engine quit and that was it. Enough power to light the courtesy lamps when a door in opened, but otherwise nothing. Luckily, one of the other rally-goers came upon us and helped me move the car to a safe place and then went about 70 miles out of his way to take us home, arriving about 1:30 am. Certainly restored my faith in the basic goodness of people. Anyhow, I need to go out there tomorrow and try to get it running and I need to know the following:

What tools will I need to R&R the Alternator, the belt, and the battery?

Is there any likelyhood that it's just the regulator, and can it be replaced separately?

I don't know whether I've got a Bosch or Valeo alt. All I can remember is that I think it had the pulley fan and that the plug on the back was held in place by a round spring-wire strap. Does that help to identify it one way or the other?

TIA for any help,


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