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Originally posted by Larry Delor:
To check which CD you need, you'll need to check which chassis you have. Either lift the hood and check the metal plate in the center...its has a bunch of numbers stamped into it. I think the ones toward the top left are your chassis numbers. One of these will either be or or

You can also look on the drivers door jamb and see what the numbers tell you there, it will also list the month and year of manufacture. It can be useful to remember the month as many times changes were made during the year (especially after holidays) and a part or parts maybe different.

Oh, and good luck with your solex, the rebuild kit I have lists over 100 parts, and the little baggie itself seems to contain about close to half of them.


75 280 ... sounds like 114.060 to me.

Never mind the number of parts. I fixed plenty of those carbs in warrantee and MB had at least a hundred different ideas how!!

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