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84 380sl start up noise

hello all

have had the 84 for 3mo / the weather is cooling in this area -i have a noise on start up - sounds something like a loose belt - seems to come from compressor / water pump belt area - goes away aft @ 3 or 5min with a click/ as if something has switched on / maybe the thermostat kicking in?

the car has 99k / have been taught about the timing chain and rails / will be having that checked next wk

question / is the noise a cold weather start noise? / doesn t exist when the car is warm /is this a normal warm up noise common on these cars during cold weathe start-ups?

past owner changed the oil at 2k intervals

i have put 300 mi on car since i bought it / the oil is still clean as new oil change / without any visual oil loss

thanks in advance

j littletrees
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