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Evaporator cost and repair.

To be sure radiator stop leak products are vastly different than this product. I suggest you check the website out and then call for the exact details, I did. This product does not work as you are assuming. I would agree that replacing the 'broken' parts is a solution, but not the most practical in this case. Plunking down $5400US or even $3400 is just a not sensible. I will buy another car before that happens. Also, this is a permanent fix, not a patch that works. I understand that mechanics who depend on these types of repairs to pay their bills want to replace anything that is 'broken' but this IS a better solution and happens to be less expensive and more practical. I am very hesitant to let the dealer take apart my dash and interior engine compartment, let alone a mechanic outside the alphabet soup protocol.

Take a look at the web and call for more info - Just a tip.
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