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Lightbulb EHA Valve Leaking - Car Missing

After reading through the archives on the EHA Valve, I had a few questions. (I;m a little more confused after reading some of the symptoms of a bad EHA)

In an earlier post, I mentioned having a miss that started all of a sudden (at idle and then a stumble when starting out. Car runs great while cruising and every once and awhile, the miss will completely disappear for a few miles or more). I was beginning to take a few times in the cooler weather to start as well.

I won't duplicate the post here but while checking the temp sensor and some other items etc, I noticed that my EHA Valve is wet. (I had two seals that I ordered for the other car so I replaced them but the leak is actually comming from one of the "small holes" in the EHA Valve itself.

Could this be my missing problem?? My other car's EHA Valve was leaking but I had no miss so now I'm curious. I've obiviously got to replace this anyway due to the fuel leak.

I've just received my new Injectors, seals (Thank goodness for Fast Lane) etc and have previously done (All OEM Parts), Cap Rotor, Wires, Plugs and Oxygen Sensor (still missing though). Thanks to everyone for the previous help (I'm going to remove the Platinum plugs and "return to the copper as per your suggestions.) No Vac leaks to be found anywhere.
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