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300E OVP question

I have a 1991 300E, with 156K miles that i am trying to sell. I am having intermittent stalling issues of which i have replaced some parts. I ordered an OVP protector online, but received a part which i have not clue what it is, or what the OVP looks like.
I read here that it has a fuse on it, and i do see a part with a red 10 A fuse on it.. is that it? is that what needs to be replaced? the part i received looks nothing like that and cost me 90 bucks. i d0nt even know what part i got. I emailed the seller, but he hasnt called me or emailed me and its been a coupla weeks. he does have a big parts site, but im not sure what part is what, im new to the benz.. any help would be appreciated...JIM
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