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Thanks William and Mike,
I don't think I can take off the top with the thermostat housing attached. That, I think, leads to what Clay describes.
I think Mike describes the set-up I have. The lower hose comes up from the passenger side lower radiator and goes vertically into a housing that is attached on the passenger side of the waterpump. 3 10 mm bolts at the 12 o'clock 4 o'clock and probably 8 o'clock position when looked at from passenger side. I see Mike's point where you leave the housing attached to the hose and just bend it to the pass. side. Now I didn't slide under the car yet to try to locate that third bolt. I let you know once I have done that. I'll check with my neighbor about that 1/4" drive.
The draining of the radiator is very simple and would leave at least that lower radiator hose empty at the pump level.
Thanks again.
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