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speed sensor end

1. Thanks for the replies

2. We took the gauge cluster out for a closer look and found out that the speed part is electronic but the odometer part is mechanical derive from the speed cable (this is all new to me Iím a Mercedes man...).

3. Put everything back together put the cable off the speed sensor end, connect it to a drill, turn the key let the drill rip and hey the speedometer works! So from the cable on back to the gauge cluster is good.

4. Put it back and took it for a test drive but speedometer still donít work. So it must be the speed sensor, as Iím new to Hondas I wonder why when I jack up the car and turn the wheel and see the cable turn, so why it doesnít work on the road test?

5. Youall with Honda experience please explain and if it can be repair or we must get a new speed sensor.

Thanks in advance,
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