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Battery or Charging System Problem?

I noticed it just didn't seem to have the usual exciting 1st crank start over the past week. Was planning to go out this past Friday night and noticed an ever so slight strain in starting. Pushed it 3 X just to test it and after the 3rd attempt the interior light dimmed just enough to give me cause not to take it out.

The next moring went to start and only lights on the dash came on, no cranking power.

Lifted the hood and checked the battery for acid. DRY......I never checked this before myself. I thought it was always done during normal routine trip for service. (NOT).

Refilled the battery with deminertalized water and put the battery charger on 2 amps for 6 hours.

Car started right up. Moved it out of the garage and came back 8 hours later and DEAD, dim interior light & no crank.

Jumpered it and first crank and it started and bright lights.

I've had the car for 3 years and never checked the battery level before. (My mistake & oversight). I don't know how old the battery is but it still looks new today. It's a MB battery.

Any suggestions??

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