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DESPERATE for a solution, please help!

My 1984 500SEL V8(117 engine) suddenly cuts out in traffic after being run for a half hour to an hour. I was nearly killed yesterday at a dangerous intersection when she just quit! The car will not restart unless I remove the fuel pump relay and use a jumper between #7 & #8. Then it starts instantly. I replaced the transistorized spark unit because the manual says the fuel pump relay gets it's signal from the TD terminal. Also found a used relay and swapped that at the same time. When I took it for test ride, it cut out suddenly at an intersection and like I said, nearly got me killed. This car already has a new fuel pump and filter previously. I checked the female connections at the fuel pump relay, they seem fine. I know that it has to do with the fuel pump relay circuit since the jumper retarts the car by eliminating the function of the relay. I am at my whits end because the only way to test it, is to drive for awhile and it always cuts out suddenly in traffic. This problem started awhile ago when it would cut out occassionally but always restart in about five minutes. Luckily it never did it in traffic, but now it won't restart unless I use the jumper. Please help, as I live where you have to walk long distances even to go to the food store, and I'm sixty years old.
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