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Hey, you TDI guys!

I know this isn't about Benz's, but I need a little edumacation. I could think of no where better that to ask you guys here that also own or have owned a VW TDI.

I have been looking around on the 'net at some Jetta & Passat TDI's, mostly in the 1998 to 2001 year models. I had a '86 model Golf 2-dr. 5-spd. with a NA engine many years ago & loved it; but I know nothing about the new generation TDI's. So I have a few questions if you will permit me:

My indie tells me that VW's in general suffer from electrical problems, specifically a "box" over the battery that is not well weatherproofed & therefore suffers from water intrusion, causing many problems. Is this true & is there a fix for it?

He also tells me that the auto trans in VW's burn out easily. He says there is no fix for it, but I was wondering if an externnal cooler would help this situation out.

I hear that these are great little cars, but would appreciate anyone's experience with problems owning one.

Many thanks in advance! Mods, please leave this in the Diesel Section.
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