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There is a refference to the automatic transmissions on the volkwagons posted earlier on this thread. I thought the passat used a different and better automatic transmission. May be wrong about that.

It is not only the failure rate of volkswagon automatic transmissions that is troubling. It is also the horrific cost of correcting the situation. Some gas cars are so much better on fuel now in concert with the tdi getting progressivly less fuel milage since introduction.

I no longer see as strong an upside of buying a new one. Volkswagon does produce models that get really good fuel milage. They are not comming to north america though.

Also be careful of build quality. There are serious issues at the mexican factory now I hear. The latest ones seem to have dropped the twelve year rust perforation warranty as well. Have they discontinued their excellent factory rust proofing?It was very expensive to use and really seemed to work well. If it has been discontinued I can see no good reason to consider a new one at all.

Also in reflection if you own or aquire a 19991/2 or newer get a skid pan. All too many people have smashed the oil pans etc. This car has inadaquate ground clearance.

I now almost see these as cult cars . Practacality or reliability is not their strength. Customer service with the brand from the actual company is the worse I ever saw. It may be improved now for all I know.

Basically what I am obviously implying is I once was a fan of the product. Certainly am no longer.
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