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I read most of the link than Compu 85 posted & I think it should be mandatory reading for anyone contemplating the purchase of a TDI.

It seems that the most transmission failures were related to the 01A automatic transmission, which according to the link, were installed on the 1998 - 2001 Jettas (possibly other models as well). The link states that it is not a matter of if, but when the trans will go out - due to shoddy parts. Apparently VW used some parts with substandard steel in them. Mentioned chunks of metal in the pan, with little or no warning of failure. Replacement costs ~ $4,500 - there is no "fix". It also stresses the importance of keeping the trans fluid topped off to prevent overheating. That prompted my question about an external cooler, but that would do nothing for faulty parts. VW is not repairing these faulty transmissions, only replacing them. Doesn't say a lot about VW, especially at $4.500 a pop.

I have tried a 5-spd. VW tranny in a local Jetta, but I'm not sure I would be able to handle it every day with my bad shoulder. If I could find a way to shift it with my wrist instead of using my whole arm I'd be in business. I just can't take much movement in my shoulder - even under the influence of Vicoden.

Thanks guys. I'll keep on looking & thinking. If Farm Bureau totals my '87 124 diesel, I'll have to seriously consider the VW. Although I love my Benz & know the VW will never be its equal, I live a long way from anything (65 miles to the nearest WalMart) & my continued trips to the veteran's hospital in Durham (534 mile round trip) may dictate the change.
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