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Donna W
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300TE Running Hot

Thanks, but I forgot to include in my diatribe that the thermostat was replaced. After reading many posts on this subject, I am going to replace the expansion tank cap and check the coolant/H2O proportions. Even though the rad job was just done, I want to see what ratio my mech put in. I also have a hose connection coming out of the expansion tank that had pulled apart several months ago. I was out of town, so I "clamped" the hoses together with elec. tape. Neither of the two mech's who have worked on the car since have replaced my elec tape with a new clamp. There may be a slight bit of leakage there.

Then I'll drive and see how it responds. It's running great, no signs of head gasket failure, so I'll keep my fingers crossed!!

Thanks again!
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