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Rough start, rough idle

Another rough idle problem for the troubleshooters. Here's the scoop:
1991 420 SEL (197,700 miles)
When cold- hard to start on first try, catches instantly on second try, then settles into idle with a noticeable, consistant miss. Very smooth above idle speed and drives otherwise smoothly. Mileage 16/20.
When warm-starts instantly, but idles and drives as above.
No sign of fouling on plugs, no obvious (visible) sign of a vacuum leak, tried water spray on wires and injectors but no change in condition. New fuel pumps and filterabout 5k miles ago. Trans doesn't always downshift as it should.

Any thoughts on where and how to look next would be appreciated.

1991 420 SEL (daily driver, 197k)
1991 560 SEC (Sunday Driver, 70k)
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