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My current daily driver is a '91 Jetta IDI that gets close to 50 mpg. It's suits my commute perfectly well and is actually a very well built car (would have been even better without all the extra plastic they added to get the "big bumpers" look). I had been running my Rabbit pickup until some crazy Korean chick rearended me (lightly) at a light and I realized how vulnerable that heap was (the rigid bed ends right at my a$$ and it's a unibody-ouch- still drive it, but it's semi retired). I feel a lot safer in the Jetta as there's a lot of crumple area behind me and I can control things playing out in front of me.

Anyway, the Jetta, with the proper gearbox (this is a code ACH, they came with a lousy AWY one) is more than a match speedwise for a 240D stick. It's feels very competent up close to 70, whereas I would never think of thrashing a 240D like that. Probably a lot like a 190D stick, but I have never driven one.

Of course, this doesn't help the OP, as they didn't come in automatics, but for the rest of you luddites...
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