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Angry valve cover bolts

I just completed the egr plugged pipe solution. For those that want to try an alternative to the speedometer cable, try using a bicycle brake cable outer shield, without the plastic cover. I could thread it in by hand and remove the gunk. Worked good.

Now to the next problem. I wanted to reposition the vacuum supply for the egr valve temporarially for access. Went to remove the valve cover bolts and found the second bolt from the front, passenger side was loose. Tried to screw it down and it wouldn't grab. Removed the oil seal that the bolt threads into, and it would thread in. The jerk that worked on this area last stripped the threads (I'm guessing) in the block. Does anyone know if I can use a 1/4" longer bolt rather than rethreading the receiver?
This ()&*(&**** me off when someone doesn't do things right. I should have recognized it as oil is leaking from the plug, down the side of the block.

Your trusted input would be greatly appreciated.

PS 10mm head on the bolt, don't know the length or diameter of the shank, but it is identical in characteristics to the first valve cover bolt.
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