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Originally posted by gillybenztech
The engine in the 190E2.3 is in no way related to the motor in ANY C class, night and day difference. The motor in the 190 was a 102 motor, all the 4 cylinder motors found in a C class are 111 motors.

Gilly is right, of course. (He usually is...)

The "old" 102 2.3L four cylinder engine is an iron block with an alloy head, but that's about all they have in common. No parts are interchangeable. Your salesperson has no clue.

The 102 engine was mostly (there was a 16V version) an eight valve engine that made 130hp in it's last form. It's a pretty decent engine, but not as powerful as the 2.3L M111 DOHC engine. The 102 also had a single row timing chain, where the 111 is a dual row.

The Kompressor M111 engines are "beefed" up to withstand the additional loads associated with supercharging.

It seems that the M111 Kompressor versions are tough engines, without any weak points save some supercharger failures. Remember that the supe unit is not made by MB, but outsourced from Eaton.

I would buy either with confidence, but given the same budget I would buy a lease return C240 and get the M112 V-6 and extra doors. But, that's me, and the Coupe has it's own points...
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