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'90 300E Replacing stolen Blaupunkt Florida


Well the little bastards smashed my right door window and used a pry bar to get the Blaupunkt Florida out.

The good news is that i think all I have to do is repair the vinyl where they leveraged the pry bar. Wood and everything else is fine. The interior where the radio was is suspect though... There might be some plastic missing. I'll see about borrowing a digital camera and take a shot or two.

Bought a Blaupunkt Alaska to replace it (Ebay is great.)

I think I need a harness but I am not sure.

I have the active bass speakers in the doors but am not certain about any amps in the rear. Will have to check on that.

Obviously, they were not careful about removal.

I bought a replacement for the alarm wire connector ($20 at MB dealer) so I'd have the correct piece if needed. (How does that hook up to my radio?)

Is this a DIY job (I like a challenge) or am I better off taking it to a Blaupunkt dealer?

I have the Cd manuals so wiring diagrams are available. Problem is the connectors I am left with. Some are just bare wires and metal connectors.

Any thoughts on how I should proceed?


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