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I don't know if the engine you serviced is a 12 valve or 24 valve straight 6 cyl(M103 or M104 respectively), but in the case of an M103, you'd use Bosch Oil Filter 72165.

Along the way, I've heard alot of unkind things about Bosch Oil Filters. I do not know from personal experience that these comments are justified.

I do know that for whatever reason, independent parts shops in my area that specialize in German autos, for some reason or another, always try to sell me a Bosch VW filter for my 103 motor. The burst pressures, etc. in this Bosch VW filter are all wrong for my 103 motor.

Make sure you purchased the correct Bosch Oil Filter.

Its' been said here that Mann, Mahle-Knecht; Hengst are OEM quality oil filters for MB. I do not know if Bosch Oil Filters are regarded as OEM quality.

I suspect they are sold at Bosch Service Centers around the U. S. These places service MB autos. It would be hard to imagine they'd use an inferior product if staying in business was one of their objectives.
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