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That's what i was afraid of... that the 1.8 would be weaker. One of the 2002's the dealer has is exactly what i wanted.
charcoal cloth
5 spd Automatic
C2 package (panoramic sunroof)
Bose system will come out immediately. (well... 3rd day. Gotta do fiberglass work first 2)
NO C7 package though
That isn't a big deal though since I am going to get new rims. Only reason i wanted it cuz those stock rims are BUTT ugly. oh well...

I am a simple kind of guy. Just wanted something to do my driving in that would be fun. The rear end on the C230 is ugly but overall it's a neat clean little "trendy" car with a fair price tag.
I almost went with subaru WRX, JETTA GLX VR6 etc.... but this MB is just more fun. my 2 cents
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