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Hilton Smith
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I mentioned that I had a Silverline Mityvac 400 kit. I am not selling these things, but the hand pump is repairable metal and comes with gauge and many adapters and brake bleeding cup. The 100 page users manual lists at least 100 engine, engine, a/c, computer, etc. checks tha can be made with it and gives specific instructions for conducting these checks. It does not address ABS in mine, but I have had it for about 12 years and have a inquiry in to Mityvac ( to veriry its suitability for ABS brake systems. I bought mine from JCWhitney for about $50. I just checked JCWhitney on line and the kit is 39.95 or 34.95 for the brake bleeder kit. The info is confusing, but the only difference in the kits is the 39.95 comes with a vacuum gauge - it includes brake bleeding equipment. A better description is on the Mityvac web site.

Hilton Smith

Hilton Smith
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