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I received this letter too. It appears that the warranty is for rings and oil sludge related issues.

I think it a strong statement on the part of MBUSA to back their product 3x the standard warranty. On the one hand I feel kind of slighted as I have an extended warranty, for which I paid, plus like many above I wouldn’t dream of going 12K miles between oil changes (I use synth and go 4K miles between changes). Anyway this settlement somewhat takes the place of the extended warranty. On the other hand, the settlement offers some degree of protection due to oil based failures for 50K miles beyond even the extended warranty. It kind of makes me want to stop the frequent oil changes.......NOT!

Speaking of changes, has anyone with a FSS MB done a transmission fluid/filter change? If so what was the cost? Stu Ritter says to do it every 30K miles

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