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I think I'm 95% there now.

Took an old EHA out of my parts box -- looked kinda crappy. Cleaned it up with some carb cleaner inside + out. Plugged it in....ran like crap. Starts fine, but as soon as I pressed on the gas the rpm's would drop, so either its not producing enough fuel, or far too much. I decided on the former.

Took it off, unscrewed the back screw, gave it 1/2 turn clockwise aka rich. Plugged it back in and WOW!!! HUGE difference. Car runs QUICK off the line. I'm truly feel like its 95% back to normal now.

The only place its different is downshifting. The downshift button on pedal seems sluggish and the car does not "pull" too hard. I'm thinking maybe another 1/4 turn rich might do the trick?
So the new EHA I bought might still be ok -- just needs an adjustment, possibly lean as it "feels" like its flooding.

I have 2 weeks paid time off work right now because I am switching jobs, so I can finally wrap this up! Financial institutions and conflicts of interest....
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