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Originally posted by Lebenz
...Speaking of changes, has anyone with a FSS MB done a transmission fluid/filter change? If so what was the cost? Stu Ritter says to do it every 30K miles
All the vehicles equipped with FSS have the "fill for life" 722.6 five speed autobox. I pressed my MB Zone Rep on this, and he said:

"Were it my car, I would change the transmission fluid/filter every 90-100,000 kilometers, which would be considered a severe service interval." (That's 55-60K-miles for those metric imparied among us)

I had it done on the C230 at 95,000 kilometers. The dealer charged me $160 for the fluid (8*$20.00) and one hour's labour, plus the filter and taxes. It was just shy of $300.

Knowing the foreman, he walked me through them doing it. It's pretty similar to a "regular" tranny service, except for the level setting, which involves the fluid temp set to 80C, and the level set exactly. The fluid that came out looked brand new, which surprised me. I'm sure I could have gone much further before requiring a fluid change, but better safe than sorry.

BTW, I thought the one hour charge was more than fair.
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