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Hi all,

I changed the front struts and rear shocks using dealer shocks. The ride seems a bit more firm. The car is also 1/2" lower all around, I don't know if this is normal or not. The front now vibrates some at speeds > 60 but below that it seems like the ride is nicer than before. I can't help but wonder if some wierd alignment situaiton is causing the vibration, much as I'd like to think its balance, I don't see how balance changed in my garage.

It still seems to bang pretty hard when going over a bump in the road. Any ideas?

I'm changing the subframe bushings while I'm at it. They're original and while not torn, rubber does age so I'm doing it now to save on repeated alignments. I may change the springs too, that way I'll have a new suspension front and rear, the oldest parts being the tie rods, 13 months old, second oldest rear suspension links, 10 months old.

Its a lot cheaper and more rewarding to do the work myself.

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