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I live about 500 feet from a stop sign. I started the car and a few minutes (3 or 4) later found myself pulling away from that stop sign pinging like crazy! So I guess it pings when it is cold. I do have the proper equipment to tune it, I think. I have an adjustable strobe timing light (I can adjust the amount of advance or retard via knob). I hope it is good enough, it was about $100.
I also have a dwell/tach meter so I know where the RPM's are while I am under the hood. I have cleaned the timing pully and the pointer so they are easily visible.
I will certainly check it once again and make adjustments.

What about mixture? Will it ping of it is too lean? Will an out of adjustment valve make it ping? I do have a valve tapping on the intake of cylinder 1.
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