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Originally posted by Keith Lucy
1. It's a car for a woman. 2.3l engine is not for men.
Huh? Sorry for being blunt, but that's a ridiculous comment. The little 2.3 makes 190hp and in the SLK chassis will suck the headlights out of your 560. Come to think of it, the 2.3L aspro C-Class sedan will keep up with the 560SEL...

Originally posted by Keith Lucy
3. ..CLK320 or CLK430 if you really want a CLK.
You are confused. It's an SLK, not a CLK. Very different cars.

Originally posted by Keith Lucy
...3. Buying the entry level of any model is the true sign of a wanna-be
Actually, buying the entry level model, especially when buying new, can be a very prudent move. Look at the W126 SEL cars. When new, the 560SEL was a great deal more expensive than the 420SEL or 300SEL. Today, as used cars, the 560SEL's barely sell for more than their "lesser" models. The original owner took a bigger bath on depreciation.

An SLK is not for everyone. It has only two seats and a small trunk. But, they handle VERY well, and the ride quality is better than one would ever think with such a small car. The body structure is rock solid, and is tight when the top is down. The folding clamshell hardtop makes it a true four season roadster.
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