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Ron Zarantenello
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I had a few electrical problems with my '86 420SEL after all the King's horses and all the King's men failed to properly reconnect electrical "plugs".

My car was repaired at Erie and LaSalle Body Shop in the River North area. I had to take the car back many times for them to figure out the problems. Many of the electrical connectors will fit each other causing an inexperienced repair person to reconnect the wrong wiring leads. The simple way to figure out the correct connections was to match up the color of the wiring. To give you an idea of my problems: the headlight would flash instead of the turn signal (i.e. the two connectors were swapped with each other). The headlight washers didn't work at any time because the connectors on top of the washer fluid reservoir were installed in the incorrect sequence. The A/C didn't work because some of the leads were mis-matched with the electric cooling fans.

I'm surprised the shop gave the car back to you with the problems that you are experiencing. Somewhere along the electrical plan you have open circuits that could have many causes from blown fuses, mis-matched leads, disconnected leads/connectors or broken wires.

If these problems were not present before the collision, then your car has not been fully repaired.
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