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92' 300CE m103 3.0L Sluggish Start probs at 166K mileage...any help?

hey all,

i've noticed many sluggish problem threads in here but they all have to do with the 300E....anyone with experience for my 92 300CE?
m103 - 3.0L - 24V

please help...

1. i'm experiencing drastically poor mileage ranging from 15-16 mpg with poor driving performance....i used to get 16-18 with smooth and peppy performance...

2. sluggish starts even when the car has properly been warmed up.

3. car hesitates to shift between gears (although i'm guessing that's because i need my shifter linkage bushings replaced)..

if anyone has any input on this i would greatly appreciate....

incidentally, i recently had a situation where my belt broke while driving, Ashman came to my rescue and we replaced the belt (pep boy brand)...with the same problem, my distributor cap was cracked and i replaced that as well with a "Standard" brand made in italy 3rd spark plug wire was damaged due to my own error but once again, ashman came to the rescue and fixed that wire to work properly....

no after i replaced cap and belt, the car ran great...all of a sudden it's running like crap...

could it be that i need a timing adjustment?
the car doesn't seem to idle rough....
i'm lost
help me mercedesshop forum-kenobi, you're my only hope...
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