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I was just about to ask some more questions on this...thank you for beating me to it!

I put 2 bottles of Techron cleaner in on Friday and have been driving the car in 3rd gear a lot to clean.

The hesitation is GREATLY reduced. However, I can tell the converter is working overtime and the car is running REAL rich. It runs GREAT when cold but gets sluggish. If I floor the car (against the switch) the car just the expense of fuel mileage (I'm getting about 10-12 in town).

Does this signify:

Weak injectors?
Duty Cycle off?
EHA Valve bad (no fuel smell from engine)?

I have replaced 02, temp sensors, fuel filter, etc.

I'm going to attempt to check duty cycle this evening. I have no idea how to adjust it...but perhaps I'll figure out.

At least there is some sign of hope......
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