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This is right form ALLDATA concerning the tranny in my wifes 00 230. I tried to attach the image of the dip stick, not sure if it's going to work though, so here goes.......

MB Automatic Transmission Fluid (Part Number 001 989 21 03 10) is the ONLY fluid that is approved for use in automatic transmission 722.6 .

Electronically controlled five speed automatic transmission 722.6 is filled with a newly developed special transmission fluid and is considered to be "filled for life", ie: does not require fluid level checking or fluid change during scheduled maintenance procedures.

No other fluid may be filled or added into transmission 722.6.
This fluid is not approved for use in any other automatic transmission series.

If checking transmission, fluid level becomes necessary due to repairs or diagnosis, please observe the following information:

B 80C (180F)
A 25C (77F)

722.6 transmission dipstick, special tool no. 140 589 15 21 00, is longer than is required to permit use on several different applications.

Insert dipstick only as far as end stop permits.

Please observe all fluid level checking and filling guidelines.

NOTE: Red locking clip (93a) (Part number 140 991 00 55) will break off and be destroyed during replacement each time it is removed.

Copyright 2002 ALLDATA LLC
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