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Thanks for the responses.

I got the car home last night and pulled the regulator. I was amazed that there is only a shallow groove in the rotor sliprings. The brushes still had some length but only one was shiny, the other had not been touching the slipring.

I was so curious, that I went through the original records that I recieved with the car which are quite thorough. There was no alternator replacement indicated. The alternator appears to be the original. I even went through my own logbook that I have kept since I purchased the car to ensure that I had not replaced the alternator and forgotten about it. Everything indicates that this alternator was bolted on in Germany 14 years ago and has not been touched since.

What are these things made of, Kryptonite? These are a far cry from the old two brush generators that lasted 50,000 miles if you were lucky.

I will order a voltage regulator, take the 3 minutes required to put it on and should be back on the road for less than $20.

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