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I couldn't agree more with MB Doc. The beauty of the lubrication world today is that the additives that are ALREADY IN your motor oil are nothing short of miraculous. You've already paid for a fabulous additive package with almost any oil on the shelf. Why put out even more money?

There is a local radio station that I've listened to for about 25 years. They have, over the years transformed themselves into entirely talk radio, most of the shows being pretty good.

When I'm in the shop, I always have the radio on this station. As of about a year ago, they started running a Car Talk show on Sunday afternoons. From the very beginning they were pushing some snake oil additives. It seems like about 3/4 of the people that call in with problems get the snake oil recommended as the solution. When they give a solution that does not involve snake oil, it is very obvious that these guys don't know as much as does my 18 year old daughter about cars. Of course, MY 18 year old daughter knows much more than the average person, but still, they bill themselves as experts.

It's like P.T. Barnum reportedly said, "There's a sucker born every minute."

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