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Thanks guys...

I am sure I can round up a soul or two that would be willing to testify that I am not a Mercedes-Benz snob. I don't look down on people that drive an aging 240D. Quite the reverse, in fact. I admire people that own these cars, regardless of economic status.

Owning a Mercedes has become a "status" symbol, but that is not the appeal for many enthusiasts. The reason many folks here own them is for their driving pleasure, engineering excellence, and just plain fun of it.

When someone refers to "wanna-be" I'm not sure what it is I wanna be. Do I wanna be...

...a rich fop that buys a new S-Class solely for the Star, and cares nothing for the car's ability?

...a person seeking to fool people into thinking he is richer than he really is by driving a certain make of car?

...a car-nut that loves interesting cars and the pleasure of owning an over-engineered piece of machinery?

Hey! I do "wanna-be" that last one!! So, I guess Keith was right, I am a wanna-be.

Any other wanna-be's kicking around here?
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