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It is true that I associated that wonderful little creature to the E class (hence his name) and that he was chosen for his color (white) and I can still see him hanging his head out the window riding down the road. I wish buying another car would help. But it won't. I cannot dwell on that and it's time to move on.
The SLK was considered to remedy another dreadful situation that has come to pass... middle aged crazy.
Every year in October we head for the hills for a 1000 mile fall drive. I used to call them mountains but some of you REAL mountain people would laugh at me!
Convertibles get very attractive for this. The only problem is that whatever I buy, I'll have to drive the REST of the year and I don't think the SLK will fit that bill.
About wannabes:
"Now drivin' in his Pinto he sees homeys as they pass
But if he looks twice they're gonna kick his lily ass!
Give it to me baaby, uh huh uh huh!
The world needs wannabes, the world needs some more wannabes
So let's get some more wannabes"

from "Pretty Fly for a White Guy"... Offspring

Don't have a clue where that came from!
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