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Angry 86' 300E A/C decides to quit - please help


Today I tried to use my A/C for the first time in approx. 1 month (worked great when I used it last) and it would not blow cold air, only what felt to be ambient temperature (not hot). I moved the temp. wheel to hot and hot air came out just fine. Does this mean I can check off the pushbutton control unit as being faulty?

I have searched all the posts relating to 300E a/c but alot of the lingo is just a bit beyond my knowledge of where the components are under the hood. I know where the Klima unit is and the compressor, but thats it. I have replaced the fuses that are key to A/C (#7, #D). What is my next step in diagnosing the problem?

Also, I have heard that the OVP has been the freak cause of my A/C problem in some instances... 2 weeks ago the car began having a hard time starting when cold (not cranking but firing) which I have read is also in some cases the OVP. Is there any way to test the OVP- could this be the solution to both problems?

Thanks everybody!

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