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Andras Nagy
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Yes, of course you can forego ANY service, but please be aware that MB recommends these preventive maintenance services so that you can avoid being stuck on the side of the road, or to avoid damaging your engine. This is their way of ensuring that their well-engineered machine will receive the maintenance it requires. All mechanical things, just like people, require preventive maintenance. Do it now, or do it later, it's your choice, but also your risk.

As to what needs to be done, your MB Owner's Manual (you do have one, and read it, don't you?) will go in great detail about the suggested maintenance items. (If you are missing yours, any dealer has them, MercedesShop will sell you one, and there are many other sources available) These publications are indispensible to proper maintenance on your car.

If all else fails, give me your fax number, and I'll fax you a copy of the services from my manual; they are essentially similar, except for turbo diesels, which I believe you do not have.....Andras
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