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Hey Gilly .....You know you're right.I can only speak from my experiences and frustrations. Matter of fact the frustration continues on here when I try to help someone and the only thing that gets noticed is something that may offend someone. I think you can safely say yourself you are in the minority when it comes to good, honest and helpful auto technicians. But, as I've said I"m sorry if I offended you,but that's how it always is....the people who should be offended don't care enough to even acknowledge what I said, while they are vacationing on monies they received from hardworking people who don't have the technical knowledge to challenge them.

PS...I didn't get many responses to my cries for help on this forum.
But, Gilly I'm always looking for a good friend or just plain ole' good advice when it comes to my Benz, so if I can count on you sometimes please let me know.
now go in peace.....
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